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Why do bereaved parents need support?

From New magazine July 2021

In July 2021, journalist Kim Willis wrote a piece for ‘New’ magazine, following an in-depth interview with Our Sam Founder Philippa Davies about Philippa’s own experiences through baby loss. Since the publication went out, we have had so many messages from other parents who have experienced very similar mental health struggles.

Whilst Philippa isn’t always comfortable personally speaking in such depth about very personal experiences, if you follow Philippa on her personal Twitter account @PhilippaWriter from the start of the development of her play Dancing in the Wings, that led into the development of Our Sam, her ethos is that if she doesn’t say it out loud, she can’t expect anyone to understand. Philippa also feels that she wants to speak out about her own experiences for those who don’t feel comfortable to speak out, in order to help others understand for other bereaved parents too, and if it helps just one parent feel not so isolated or alone, she will continue to do it. So here is the piece that was published in ‘New’ magazine, written by Kim Willis on 5th July 2021.

New Magazine 5th July 2021

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