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Welcome to Our Sam’s new website

As we enter into Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021, we are delighted to welcome you to the new Our Sam website.

We wanted to make sure that everything we did came from the requests of parents and families affected by baby loss, and those that support bereaved parents and families, either professionally, or personally, so here it is.

What can you expect from the new website?

Our Sam is all about raising awareness and understanding, and improving support for anyone affected by baby loss following miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (TFMR), stillbirth and neonatal death. So here is a little of what you can expect…

Talking out Loud

To start with we have our new, monthly, ‘Talking out Loud’ blogs. Every month we will have a piece written by:

  1. Someone personally affected by baby loss to tell their story, and in our first month, we have Jasmine’s story by mum Holly Coe, and today, on the day that the new website is launched would be Jasmine’s 6th birthday, so today we are sending all our love to Holly and her family.
  2. An individual who professionally, through their work, supports people affected by baby loss to talk about their role. In our first month, we have Lucy Dobbins, Bereavement Midwife from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in North Wales.
  3. An organisation whose focus is to support people affected by baby loss. This will be a spotlight piece to highlight the work they do. In our first month, we are absolutely delighted that our spotlight organisation is Sands UK, the largest stillbirth and neonatal death charity in the UK.

Plus …. not only will we have written blogs on the website each month, but wherever we can, we also now have our own Podcast and will also be publishing podcast interviews with those writing the blogs. So, in our first month on the podcast page of our ‘Talking out Loud’ section you will be able to listen to interviews with Clea Harmer, CEO from Sands UK, and Jasmine’s mum Holly Coe.

Here for Support

Tomorrow, the 9th October, on the first day of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021, we will be announcing the launch of our new, online, signposting support resource. We aren’t going to say too much more here about that now, as there will be a full write-up tomorrow, needless to say we are absolutely over the moon to be launching this resource, to support bereaved parents and families and professionals providing support and guidance to anyone affected by baby loss, thanks to funding provided by The Williams Family Foundation, The Neumark Foundation, and The Institute for Cemetery and Crematorium Management as chosen charity by Wrexham Borough Council.

Our Stars Choir

If you have been following the development of Our Sam as a charity over the last year, you will know that we now have a wonderful online choir made up of parents affected by baby loss from across the UK, led by our lovely voluntary Choir Director Steve Taylor.
You will find full information about the choir, and membership will be opening up again after tomorrow, and their first public performance at our Gala Evening at Theatr Clwyd in North Wales.
They have already been through fantastic adventures together, and each month, the members write their own blog to let you know what they’ve been up to. Make sure you take a look, they are brilliant!

Donation Page

We now have a donation page, for anyone who would like to support the work we do.

What else?

Our Sam doesn’t like to sit still when it comes to developing new activities and initiatives to support anyone affected by baby loss, so we will leave the rest of the website tour to you, and keep checking back as we are evolving all the time.

Baby loss is a taboo we are taking down one brick at a time, alongside all the other wonderful charities we will be spotlighting in the coming months. If you are a bereaved parent, just remember, you are not alone, we are right here, and tomorrow you will find out more about how isolation without support following baby loss will soon, we hope, become a thing of the past.

We hope you like the new website, and if there is anything you would like us to consider adding, then please do get in touch through our Contact section, we will always listen.

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