Living With Baby Loss

Our Values

  • Integrity

Baby loss is a very difficult and painful subject whether you have experienced loss personally, you support people affected by baby loss, or baby loss has never been a part of your life. With one in four pregnancies ending in loss as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, a huge number of people in the UK and worldwide are affected, and it will sadly touch the majority of people at some point in life, either personally or through others. One of the main aims of our Sam is to raise awareness and understanding of baby loss and its associated affects, and we always endeavour to work with complete integrity and honesty, to ensure improved understanding, and complete respect to the subject area, and those affected by baby loss.

  • Inclusivity

Baby loss affects a wide demographic of individuals, whether you are parents, siblings, grandparents, wider family, friends, colleagues, and it is not selective in its affects in terms of age, gender, race, religion, sex, relationship structure or disability. As a consequence, Our Sam, as a charity, with always ensure that inclusivity is a key priority with of all aspects of the work we undertake and the way in which we carry out work.

  • Approachable

Being approachable is an obvious, but crucial value and belief of Our Sam and everyone involved. We can only maximise the potential of our support and reach, if people feel comfortable to turn to us.

  • Empowering

Through our resources, support and awareness raising, our aim is to be able to empower individuals to help them find a way to live with, support or simply better understand the associated effects of baby loss, to reduce the taboo, and make the journey through loss more supported and manageable.

  • Passionate

From the very start of Our Sam, we as a charity have been, and always will be passionate about making a positive difference for people affected by baby loss, during the most difficult and heart-breaking situation any parent could face.

  • Courage

As a charity providing support to people affected by baby loss, we are supporting people who show incredible courage and strength every day. We believe it is essential that we too have courage in our support and convictions to make a positive difference to the support of bereaved parents and families, and also to break down the existence of baby loss as a taboo subject.

  • Dignity

Dignity should be one of the first considerations when supporting people affected by baby loss, for the parents, family, and the baby, embryo or foetus who has passed away. There should always be dignity in care, with no exception. As a core value we not only want to ensure dignity in our own work and communication, but encourage dignity in support for baby loss from others, whether professional or personal.

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