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Update on Our Sam Advent Calendar, In memory of the precious babies who can’t be here this Christmas

Earlier this week we launched our Christmas Advent Calendar for bereaved parents and families affected by baby loss.

When we launched the calendar, we asked parents and families if they would like to send a Christmas picture or video clip for their own dedicated day of the calendar, in memory of their baby or babies.

Since our announcement, we have been receiving requests from people outside of bereaved families to ask if they would be able to have a day of the advent calendar to dedicate to parents and families special to them, who have lost a baby or babies, which is truly lovely, so as a result, we would like to open up the calendar to include these requests too.

So if you are a relation, friend, colleague, midwife, or just close to a special parent, parents or family who have had to face baby loss as a result of miscarriage, termination for medical reasons, stillbirth or neonatal death, and you would like to send a message of love and support to them in memory of their baby or babies, who can’t be here this Christmas, just email your message (In the body of your email), photograph (PDF), or video clip (YouTube) to Philippa@oursam.org.uk . Don’t forget to include all names you would like mentioned and your own name. We would like to received all requests by the end of Monday 23rd November.

All the emails we have received so far have been so beautiful, so thank you, please keep your requests coming.

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