The Importance of understanding
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The Importance of understanding

An old friend came to see me yesterday. I hadn’t see her for 10 years.

I knew she had lost a baby boy, who was born asleep before I’d ever known her, but I had no idea that she, like me, had lost 5 babies at different stages of pregnancy.

Over the space of a few hours and many cups of tea, we talked about what had happened over the last 10 years and our babies. When she left, I noticed she had left a piece of paper with writing on it, all folded up. I didn’t read it, I just rang her quickly, before she had gone too far. She told me she had left it for me.

I unfolded the piece of paper, it read….

Dear Sir Pip /CEO Pip,

Ok, so I’ve tweaked this to be able to possibly be some use to you for the charity. Use it as you will, as it was written you and Sam.

P.S. Please don’t read it in front of me!

It is only now I can understand her unspoken grief, despite previously being so close and having always discussed life, the universe and everything, no holes barred…. everything that is except the most important things. We now wear shoes from the same shop.

Thank you lovely lady for your beautiful words, and I’m sorry I didn’t know or understand your past.

Your Baby

Baby is everywhere around you
Baby is everywhere you look
You see baby in the mirror
You find baby in a book
Baby blows around your hair in a day
Baby holds you close at night
You see baby in the darkness
You feel baby in the light
Baby touches you, you feel the heat
Baby talks to you, as clear as day
You know that baby has changed
You know baby is with you in every way
Baby is everything you are
Baby is everything you do
You know you miss baby madly
You know baby is still with you
Baby has changed realms, and is now of spirit
Baby is trying to change that great big tear
You know it hurts, you don’t want to wake
You know nothing in this world is fair
Baby knows your pain will change in time
Baby knows your friends will be there
You realise there are strangers who want to help
You know I’m a stranger who want to help
You know I’m a stranger, and I know I care.
Baby smiles down on you as you look up
Baby knows you are NEVER alone.

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