Living With Baby Loss

Overview of Support

Our Sam provides support for people baby loss in a number of ways:

  • Raising awareness and understanding

Through a range of media, including theatre, music, social media, press, podcasts and training, we are opening the door, providing access to everyone to learn more about the difficult subject of baby loss and associated affects, through real life experiences, individual journeys of survival, and available support avenues.

We want to increase understanding for everyone. We are doing this to reduce the taboo of talking about baby loss for bereaved parents, and reduce the fear for everyone else of not knowing what to say. We want to raise everyone’s confidence to enable them hold a conversation that nobody wants to hold, at the times when talking is most important.

  • Improving support for people affected by baby loss
  • Making access to support easier

Through our simple online signposting resource, SOS Baby Loss, we want to enable parents and families to easily find any form of support they may need at any stage of current, recent or previous experiences of baby loss as a result of miscarriage, termination for medical reasons, stillbirth or neonatal death.

SOS Baby Loss is a one-stop support signposting tool, that can be used directly by parents and families through the help card, or through the Our Sam website. The help card simply provides a regional QR code and the Our Sam website link. Scanning the QR code or using the link will take you straight to a simple, focused search engine. We will be supplying help cards to healthcare and guidance professionals to either signpost directly, or to give out the cards to people who have gone through, or are going through baby loss. The directory contains contact details and information for every kind of practical, advisory or emotional support service available, within their region through a regional or national organisation, from advice and guidance services and funeral directors, through to counselling services, and the directory is constantly updated with new support.

We are currently piloting stage 1 of SOS Baby Loss in North Wales and the North West. This will expand in 2022 to cover wider geographical areas, with our ultimate aim, by the end of 2022, to have national UK coverage for support signposting.

  • Learning to live with loss together

Our Sam has plans for a number of initiatives to bring parents together to reduce isolation and have fun too. Our Stars Choir is the first of these initiatives, and has been a big success with its members. It is all about reducing isolation, stepping out into the world in a safe environment, and just allowing yourself to live and laugh again amongst people who have shared similar experiences. We have plans for more additional initiatives for 2022.

  • Research

Our Sam has future plans to undertake academic research to support the national strategy for raising awareness, understanding and support for those affected by baby loss.

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