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SOS Baby Loss

The first comprehensive directory of support for anyone affected by baby loss
SOS Baby Loss

We are very proud to announce the development of SOS Baby Loss, our new ‘simple, online, signposting’ resource for anyone seeking support following miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (TMFR), stillbirth or neonatal death.

This is the first one-stop, comprehensive online directory in the UK, for anyone affected by baby loss, or anyone needing to provide support and guidance for bereaved parents and famili

The directory will contain all support providers, and will be easily accessed directly through the Our Sam website, or through the ‘Help card’ that will be provided for healthcare, guidance and support professionals to use for one-to-one signposting or to give out to bereaved parents for self-signposting. The directory can also be used by professionals to improve their own knowledge and awareness of support for bereaved parents or themselves.

When will SOS Baby Loss be available for you?

SOS Baby Loss will be rolled out gradually, starting with a closed pilot with Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, launching on 11th October 2021.

SOS Baby Loss will be available for wider use from January 2022. The coverage of the directory will roll out through 2022, with the aim of covering the whole of the British Isles by the end of 2022.

StageCoverage of directoryAvailable
1Wales and North West EnglandMid-January 2022
2North East EnglandEnd of February 2022
3MidlandsEnd of March 2022
4South West EnglandEnd of April 2022
5South East EnglandBeginning of June 2022
6ScotlandEnd of September 2022
7N.IrelandBeginning of December 2022
SOS Baby Loss Roll Out
The SOS Baby Loss Team

We hope to have a small team in place early 2022 for Wales and England, and in each national region by the end of 2022. Their role will be to constantly, grow, develop and monitor the directory, and roll out the support across all sectors to ensure that in-time anyone needing to provide any form of support will have a knowledge of SOS Baby Loss.

The directory will constantly grow and evolve, and we will always endeavour to react to change and need, to ensure that this directory remains the best friend it can be for parents, families and professionals, ensuring identification of the right support at the right time.

Our aims with SOS Baby Loss

There are many incredible baby loss support providers out there. Through SOS Baby Loss, we want to make the traumatic journey of baby loss easier to manage for everyone involved, by helping you find that support.

Our aims are:

• To create the first, comprehensive, one-stop, simple online signposting resource for anyone affected by, or working with people affected by, baby loss following miscarriage, TFMR, stillbirth and neonatal death in the UK
• To enable all bereaved parents and families who want support, whether they have recently lost a baby, or at any stage in their life, to easily identify and access support when they need it
• To support healthcare, guidance, and wellbeing support professionals from across all sectors, to be able to easily and effectively signpost bereaved parents and families to the right support
• To provide a resource that will help people more easily open an often uncomfortable and difficult conversation, in a supportive and constructive way through direct provision of a Help Card or embed into a website


We would like to thank all the charities, organisations and individuals who have supported us in the early development of SOS Baby Loss. This resource is for everyone, and working together achieves so much more.

We will be investigating collaborative and novel methods to ensure wide reaching awareness of SOS Baby Loss, once the resource is fully rolled out.

Contact us

If you are a support provider and haven’t yet been contacted by us to include you into SOS Baby Loss, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected] adding ‘Request for inclusion into SOS Baby Loss directory’ into the subject box.

With thanks to our funders

We would like to say a huge thank you to our incredible funders, who have enabled us to create SOS Baby Loss;

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