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Our Sam’s Special Advent Calendar for Christmas 2020

Christmas is such a truly lovely, magical and fun time for families, and for bringing loved ones together, even in a challenging year such as this.

For anyone who has been affected by baby loss though, Christmas can be incredibly painful, purely by its very nature, being a time that is so special for children and families. Even those who have gone on to have rainbow babies, or already had a child or children before losing their precious baby, and are focusing on making Christmas special for them, Christmas can be like a special person in your life is missing from the Christmas Dinner table.

Christmas Decorations
Christmas Bear

All of us at Our Sam would like to make this Christmas really special for incredible, brave parents and families out there who have been affected by baby loss as a result of Miscarriage, TFMR, Stillbirth or neonatal death.

So this year, our first Christmas as a charity, we are creating an Advent Calendar for you!

Every day of our advent calendar will be given to one bereaved parent, couple or family to display a picture and your own words, or a short video clip of something special you have or do at Christmas, in memory of the baby or babies you have lost at any stage of pregnancy, or shortly after birth.

This could be anything; something you have, something you make or something you do. We would like the picture or film to be recent, something for Christmas this year if possible. No matter where you are in the world we would love to hear from you.

If you are submitting a picture and words, we need the picture in a JPEG format and if you could restrict the word count to 50 words, we would really appreciate it. If you are sending us a video clip, please could you send it through as a YouTube Clip of no longer than 3 minutes. If you have any questions before sending anything, then please email

We don’t want to pick people, so it will be first come first serve. We need, whatever you would like to send us, by Monday 23rd November. Please email your picture or video clip to making sure you enter ‘Advent Calendar’ into the subject box of your that we can make sure we have it all ready, and we will let you know which date will be your advent calendar day.

Why are we looking for 23 parents/families and not 24? Well, we have something really special planned for Christmas Eve and that’s all we’re saying.

With love and best wishes this Christmas, from all of us at Our Sam to all of you 


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