Living With Baby Loss

Our Purpose

As a charity our objective is to provide a voice, activities and resources for baby loss ‘to preserve and protect the physical and mental health for anyone personally affected, or professionally coming into contact with people affected by baby loss as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death (babies up to 28 days old)

We achieve this through:

  • Raising Awareness and Understanding around baby loss

Through a range of media, we provide insights into baby loss, and associated effects, as experienced by bereaved parents and families, and also by those supporting people affected by baby loss.

Our aim is to provide a voice to raise awareness for those directly affected by baby loss, as well as professionals and the wider public.

  • Improving the levels and effectiveness of support for anyone affected by baby loss
  • Direct support for parents and families

We work to reduce social isolation and improve quality of life, often experienced by those affected by baby loss, through the development of interactive, creative initiatives, and social outlets. We also provide simple online resources, to aid access to support for those who need it, when they need it.

Our aim is to improve quality of life, support provision, and access to support, through the difficult journey of baby loss, for all bereaved parents and families at any stage following loss.

  • Direct support for healthcare and guidance professionals whose role is not primarily to support baby loss

We work to support healthcare and guidance professionals in public, private, education and third sector organisations, who are likely to come into contact with people affected by baby loss, but whose professional role, whilst providing support and guidance, is not primarily focused on baby loss support. Our aim is to encourage and enable comfortable and timely conversation supported by effective, straightforward signposting, or the means to self-signpost, delivered with dignity and care, to those affected by baby loss.

Our support to professionals comes in the form of our simple online signposting resource SOS Baby Loss, which can be used to signpost with the bereaved parent, or the help card can be given out, so that parents and families can self-signpost. In addition, we are currently developing online, modular awareness training to enable a more comfortable and confident approach to starting the conversation.  

  • Research

As we develop further, we aim to carry out academic research, in order to improve knowledge and strategies around effective support, and access to support for those affected by baby loss.

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