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Our Sam was founded by Philippa Davies in early 2020, and became a charity in September 2020. The charity is the legacy of Sam, a baby girl who was born asleep on 23rd January 2012 at 33 weeks, following a diagnosis of Edwards’ Syndrome at their twenty-week scan. Sam is one of five babies Philippa lost at different stages of pregnancy, between 2011 and 2018. Philippa’s dream in life had been to have her own family, but tragically, it was never to be. Philippa had battled infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome to become pregnant each time, and Sam was an IVF baby.

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Losing baby after baby left Philippa struggling for the first time in her life with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and ultimately post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Following Sam’s diagnosis of Edwards’ Syndrome, it took 3 years, the loss of another baby, and a diagnosis of PTSD before she was finally be signposted to the right support, which took the form of one-one counselling through Hope House Children’s Hospice in North Wales, which lasted 3 years. It is the love for the babies Philippa lost, her struggles with mental health, the three-year wilderness she faced on her own without support, the support of a wonderful counsellor in a fantastic charity, and her passion as a writer and communicator, that led her to founding Our Sam.

Philippa’s dream now, is that all bereaved parents, in time, will be able to easily access the support they need, when they need it, and that they will have someone who understands to walk by their side, until they are able to walk by themselves again. Also, her hope is that the world will become a more understanding and caring place for parents having to face the worst situation they could ever have to face.

Philippa is no stranger to charities or supporting people, with a career spanning over twenty five years supporting a wide range of people facing difficulties and barriers in life, through academic education as a biologist and developing community and training initiatives to enable people to overcome their personal difficulties to achieve their true potential. As well as running Our Sam, initially as a voluntary CEO, but now as a Trustee, Philippa is also the Project Funding Manager for a charitable foundation in North Wales, The Neumark Foundation, who support charities through funding, that enable children and young people to overcome barriers, and reach their true potential in life. However, Philippa’s inspiration, passion and drive for Our Sam, is and always will be, her love and battles as a bereaved Mum, and wanting to support other parents and families to receive the care, understanding and support they deserve and need.

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