Our Stars Choir July Blog written by Gill (Choir member)

Hello and welcome to Our Stars Choir July blog.

We’ve had a very busy month this month, and a lot of excitement. We have as usual been very busy and practicing hard, especially with our special song, getting ready to go into the recording studio in August. A proper recording studio! Eeekkk how scary is that? I think every one of us is excited about it, but also a little bit terrified, as none of us have done anything like this before, well with the exception of Steve our Director, and of course Ange, singer from Liverpool based Arustic Duo, who has incredibly given her time to come and sing lead for us. It’s a new adventure, a challenge, and one that I personally never ever thought, in a million years I would be doing, but here I am at my grand old age, and I’ll be doing something that the teenagers will be so jealous of. The lovely thing about this choir is that two things have brought us together, our sad experiences of baby loss, and our love of singing. Even though we don’t focus, in the choir, on the sadness of losing our babies, being together gives us all confidence and comfort knowing that we all have an understanding. We sing, and we have fun, and it’s ok, better than ok, it’s great.

As well as preparing for our epic experience, we have also been having discussions about the first public performance we will be doing on the 9th October at Theatr Clwyd in North Wales, for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021. This will be the performance where we will be publicly releasing our very first recording. Well basically, we have been trying to decide what we should be wearing. I think we’ve been through everything from looking like Mary Poppins to Margo from The Good Life (for those of you who remember that), we’ve had such a giggle over some of the things that we could wear.

On a serious note, when we meet up in August it’s going to be amazing we get to meet face-to-face the support we have built up and to reaffirm our relationships of freind and kinship within that support.
Well that’s about it for this month. We can’t wait to report back on our incredible experience at the recording studio, and creating a music video! Us! A real music video!!

Our Stars Choir

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