Our Stars Baby Loss Choir – Our very first Blog!

Here it is, our very first Blog!


A huge welcome from us to you. In our first Blog, we thought we had better tell you a bit about us, and also the exciting news and things we have planned for June, so here goes…

Who are we?

We are very proud members of a little choir called Our Stars Choir, an online, popular music choir, run by the wonderful charity, Our Sam, especially for people affected by baby loss. We are directed by the brilliant Steve Taylor, who runs a number of other choirs in Essex, including the Colchester People’s Choir. We say we are a little choir, simply because, at the moment, we are small in numbers, but we are growing, and what we lack in current numbers, we make up for in voice and heart.

What do we do?

We are a group of Mums from across the UK (still trying to recruit Dads!), who love music and love to sing, and we have been brought together by our shared experiences. We smile and laugh, because the hour spent with the choir on a Wednesday evening is a fun place to be, with amazing people. Whilst we don’t focus on our experiences as part of our time with the choir, we all feel quietly comfortable with each other due to a mutual understanding of the path we have all had to tread. We challenge ourselves, and grow in confidence all the time, because Steve encourages us to challenge ourselves, and then praises the strength we find to overcome the fear and lack of self-belief that we all seem to have.

What is happening in June for Our Stars Baby Loss Choir?


New music, the recording studio, and a special event for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

This month we are busy learning new music, as we will be going into a REAL recording studio in a couple of months with Music Producer Chris Hollis, and fantastic professional singer Angela Inkson from Arustic Duo, who is based in Liverpool. We are all really excited about this, but we will tell you more about that when it happens. We can’t actually tell you what we are going into the studio to record at the moment, as we will be launching the song during our first, live public performance on the 9th October, the first day of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021. All we can tell you is that it is a special song, written by our own Philippa Davies, who is also Founder of the charity Our Sam, with music written by Chris Hollis. Our performance will take place at a special event, at the place where Our Sam began, with the performance of ‘Dancing in the Wings’ the play that told the story of Sam, Theatr Clwyd in North Wales.

Looking for New Members

We are hoping in June is to recruit another 5 members for the choir, to help us with the special recording and our first performance, but most of all to help us grow, and share the amazing time we have together. So, if you would like to join this amazing choir, just contact us here, or drop an email to [email protected], and one of our founder members will be in touch with all the details you need (we would love to hear from some Dads too!).

Our Stars 40 Mile Fundraiser

Our Stars Choir has been set up to be free for all members. As we are an online choir, this means that our members are scattered across the UK, and to bring everyone together, we need to raise the funding to do this, so on the 19th June we be starting our exciting programme of fundraising, that will support all the members with funding to bring us together for the studio recording, and the performance in October. Our first fundraiser will be undertaken by our 4 founder members, Philippa, Lydia, Sarah and Holly, who will be walking 40 miles, virtually side by side in their own areas. They are walking 10 miles each, to make up the 40 miles that represent the challenge of the 40 weeks of pregnancy, and each of them will represents Mums that come into the 1 in 4 statistic of babies lost between conception and 28 days post birth. If you click on the fundraising link, you will see more about it, hear us singing, and also hear from our wonderful Music Ambassador!!

We really need your support, and would be so grateful for anything you can give. You will be able to follow each of the ladies’ progress, as they walk hand in hand from their different areas, united by their own journeys. So to help us, if you could share our link or donate a little, we are really hoping to raise £500.00. So here is our fundraising link A HUGE THANK YOU!!

So that is it for June for Our Stars Choir, certainly enough excitement for one month. Please, please do support the ladies with their fundraiser on the 19th June, updates will be going out through Our Sam Twitter @PhilippaOurSam, and Social Media. We will be back with our next Blog in July, but in the meantime, we ALL want to say to anyone out there affected by baby loss, “You are not alone!” If you need support, reach out, don’t stay silent, it’s ok to ask for help.

Lots of love

Our Stars Choir xx

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