Our Sam’s ‘Our Stars’ Choir – Sing loud and proud for baby loss

If you’re a bereaved parent (Mums and Dads!), who has had to face baby loss as a result of Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Neonatal Death or TFMR (Termination for medical reasons) at ANY stage in your life, and you love music and singing, then please read on, together we can put our little stars in the sky through music.

(Image courtesy of 3 Moons Photography @kel3moons)
DITW Programme

Our Sam is a new organisation whose main aims are to raise awareness, understanding and support for baby loss. Through our projects, we hope to support people affected personally, and professionals who may come into contact with people affected by baby loss.

Our Sam has evolved from the response to the staging of a play by Suitcase Theatre Company in February 2020, at Theatr Clwyd in North Wales, called ‘Dancing in the Wings’. ‘Dancing in the Wings’ was written by our Founder, Philippa Davies, and is based on her journey through loss of her daughter Sam, who was born asleep in January 2012.

We have a number of arms to our organisational body, and projects under each of these arms will be launched over the next 12 months, including;

  •  Academic Research
  • Continuous Professional Development Awareness training
  • Improving access and knowledge of specialist baby loss support
  • Creative Physical projects for bereaved parents
  • Creative Online projects for bereaved parents
  • General awareness raising to reduce the taboo of baby loss

As we start our journey, our very first project comes under the category, ‘Creative Physical projects’. This arm of Our Sam wants to bring bereaved parents affected by baby loss together, through different creative arts.

The aim is to have fun together, and achieve things you maybe never thought possible, or thought that you would never be capable of, to prove to yourself, with support from us, and other parents who share a similar difficult journey, that you are stronger than you think. Along with this, we hope that these creative projects will raise awareness and understanding of the journey we all face together.

We are very lucky to have 3 experienced, and talented musicians, who have given their time to this project, and all we need now is you!

You don’t have to be an accomplished singer, and there is no requirement for you to be able to read music, you don’t have to audition, you just need be able to be able to hold a note. So if you love singing, whether that’s in the shower, or belting it out sat in a traffic jam, maybe you’ve even taken part in a musical or two, or you’ve been part of a choir at some point, this could be for you.

For further information, all you have to do is contact us through the contact page on our website, or directly email (Philippa would love to join in on this project, but we have persuaded her to remain backstage for this one, as her strengths as a writer far outweigh her singing) . We are now collecting names and contact details of those interested. Numbers are limited, so don’t leave it too late, and we hope to start around the end of October.

Just as an add-on, we hope that this musical journey will continue on to many further adventures long after this first project. As for current restrictions due to Covid-19, that isn’t going to stop us, as we will be starting this project using an online platform, so you will just need access to a computer, and we will take it step by step together from there.

Philippa has created a fundraiser around her birthday celebrations to help support the music project, if  you would like to support with a donation, then please click here. Thank you!

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