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Our Sam’s ‘Hand on Heart’ Campaign for Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

We had so many plans for our first Baby Loss Awareness Week Campaign (9th – 15th October), but as with everyone’s plans this year, we have had to adapt to a new way of living, and make changes.

  • Covid-19 has not changed the fact that 1 in 4 precious babies continue to be lost between conception and shortly after birth, as a result of miscarriage, TFMR (Termination For Medical Reasons), stillbirth, and neonatal death
  • Covid-19 has not altered the heartbreak and trauma experienced by bereaved parents and families as a result of baby loss
  • Covid-19 has made it so much harder for bereaved parents and families to access the direct and personal support they so desperately need and deserve due to the need to social distance
  • Covid-19 has made it so much harder for our incredible midwives, healthcare professionals, and all the wonderful baby loss support organisation charities who, despite such difficult times have continued to provide amazing support in the best ways they can

We want bereaved parents and families to know that we are all here for them, even if it is at a distance. Whether you have lost your baby this year, or at any stage in your life, we want to show you that we are thinking about you, and sending love and strength.

We want our incredible midwives and healthcare professionals, as well as all the wonderful baby loss support organisations and charities to know how much we appreciate their wonderful and critical work.

DITW Launch Forum July 2019 - Discussions with members of Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board

Our ‘Hand on Heart’ campaign is a way of visibly showing your support for baby loss.

Anyone can get involved, and this is how –

1. Our Homes and Businesses – Just print off your choice of the ‘Hand on Heart’ A4 posters below, and display it in your window or in a visible position in your home or workplace.

You have a choice of A4 posters, one with the handprint already in place, and one with space for you to put your own handprint. You could even do a collage of posters of different peoples’ handprints from your family or organisation.

2. Social Media and Online – Just download the ‘Hand on Heart’ JPEG, and use somewhere visible on your social media, website, email signature, to show your support and raise awareness to spread the word.

PDF with Hand
PDF with Hand

Once you have done this, we would really love to see what you’ve created –

  • Tweet your ‘Hand on Heart’ baby loss support pictures tagging @PhilippaOurSam on Twitter, using hashtag #HOHBLAW2020
  • Email your pictures of your poster/display/social media to

We will Retweet all the Tweets you tag us in, and we will put all the pictures we receive, on our website for all to see on the 15th October, the final day of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

We would love to hit a minimum target off 100 ‘Hand on Heart’ pictures in homes and workplaces, and as many Tweets on social media as possible by 14th October. Don’t forget to give us your name or business/organisation name.

Please join us to show your ‘Hand on Heart’ support for anyone affected by baby loss, and those providing direct support during such difficult times.

You are not alone, we are here! #HOHBLAW2020

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