/ / Episode 1 – Sands with Dr Clea Harmer (CEO Sands UK)

Episode 1 – Sands with Dr Clea Harmer (CEO Sands UK)

In the very first episode of Our Sam Talking out Loud, Founder, Philippa Davies, talks in-depth with Dr Clea Harmer (CEO Sands) about Sands, the leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity in the UK, including Clea’s own motivations to join Sands, the development of Sands from the early days to now, the importance of every baby that is lost, the support that Sands now provides for bereaved parents and families, The Baby Loss Alliance and Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021.

The podcast supports the spotlight on baby loss support organisations page under the Talking out Loud section of the Our Sam website.

If you would like more information about Our Sam or Sands or to support the work that they do, you can go to oursam.org.uk or sands.org.uk

This podcast is produced by Our Sam (Charity Registration Number 1191411).

Presented by Philippa Davies
Edited by New Noise Audio
Voiceover Si Kneale

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