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A Huge Thank You!

Sofa Raffle

Dancing in the Wings, produced by Suitcase Theatre at Theatr Clwyd, North Wales. Picture features incredible actors Lisa Ford, who played Rachel Bennett, and Stewart Venables, who played Jack Bennett, along with the raffle prize sofa.

A Huge Thank you…

The raffle has been quite a challenge, but in the end we got there. I say we, because there is no way I could’ve done this on my own.

Firstly I want to thank Westbridge Furniture for their incredibly generous donation of the sofa for the set of Dancing in the Wings to enable us to raise awareness of baby loss.

Thank you to the lovely John Derry, from Suitcase Theatre, who played the IVF Consultant in Dancing in the Wings for storing the sofa for a lot longer than he should have had to due to Covid-19.

Thank you to Sam’s Dad for all his support and guidance as always, on the technical side of things with the website and setting up the raffle.

Thanks to Neville Southall for agreeing to sign copies of his new book for our winners.

Most of all, I want to say thank you, for the incredible support I have had from so many people on Twitter and also Facebook, who have really got behind me, and put up with me with all this fundraising, which is so alien to me, and has been a steep learning curve in front of your eyes.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets (named below) to help support Hope House Children’s Hospices and Sands UK who both provide immense support to so many bereaved parents and families. As you know, Hope House is so close to my heart for the incredible support they gave me for nearly 3 years with counseling, enabling me to be here as I am now. I will always be so grateful to my incredible Counselor, Jane. Sands, although they were unable to support me, have helped so many parents and families nationally.

I also want to thank everyone who may not have bought a ticket, but supported by retweeting, sharing posts, and sending messages of support. It’s not just about raising funds, but raising awareness of these charities, their work, and most importantly raising awareness of the all too common tragedy of baby loss, and the vital need for support during the worst situation any parent can find themselves in. Every retweet and share raises more awareness for a taboo subject, that so few want to talk about.

So on behalf of Me, the charities, Sam’s Dad, and Sam, congratulations to all the winners, and thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

I can now announce that the total profits from the sale of raffle tickets was £660 which will be split between the 2 charities.

Douglas Sutton – Sofa and book winner
Simon Kneale – Book winner
Terry Marsh – Book winner
Alison McCormick – Book winner
John Richardson – Book Winner
Ray Williams
Jon Davies
Nicholas Kaye
Eluned Yaxley
David Heslewood
Sharon Williams
Karl Crump
Martyn Grant
Amy Hayes
Lisa Ford
Andrew Rooke
Jill Hughes
Kelly Perkins
Karen Campbell
Zoe Armitage
Colin McFarlane-Wells
Mr JA Murray
Benedict Mercer
Kat Deller
Marie O Connor
Chris Thompson
Fiona Martin
Martyn Grant
Geoffrey Miller
Nick Kaye
Maureen Sparks
Simon Gardiner
Rachel Morley
Anne Wilkinson
Teresa Driver

Paul Williams
Kerry Rush
John Kyte
Claire Blockley
Kat Donegan
A D Williams
Janet Burrows
John Audsley
Laura J McCormick
Emma Weaver
Mary Lynch
Greig Langford
Emma West
Declan Mooney
John Murray
Laura J McCormick
David Taylor
David Heslewood
James Titcombe
Phillippa Crompton
Yana Richens
Kathy Huyton
John Ross
Daniel Townley
Rory Daly
Clare Bowen
Beryl Stocks
Irene Martin
Bekki Fardoe
Tom Hutchinson
Dave Williams
Nathan Griffiths
Claire Kamil
Kelly Perkins

The Winners Draw - 12/07/2020

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